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Re: test

On 05-May-04, Daniel Kegel wrote:
>lazer1 wrote:
>> my previous post doesnt seem to have appeared,
>> so I am just testing to see if this one gets 
>> through,

>Both made it through.  We're just not quite sure how to answer :-)

ok, there's no rush,

>You might ask the folks at

I will have a look,

>who claim to have built a gcc targeting aros...
>I personally have never heard of aros.

aros is a 3rd party opensource reimplementation of AmigaOS,


and then go to "sources" and "contrib-source" download the file there,
approx 31Meg,

decompress and 
in the gnu/gcc subdirectory are the diffs files for their gcc-3.3.1,

there is other material in the other downloads from "sources" on the 
same webpage,

For 68k AmigaOS I use gcc-2.95.3-4 from

most of the native GNU tools are from the subdirectories of

Maybe I will attempt to build it and then report back on where I 
run into errors and problems,


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