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change just host of cross compiler


A Linux hosted gcc cross compiler for AROS exists, I believe it 
targets PPC and Intel AROS (<cpu>-aros)

I use a 68k Amiga  (m68k-unknown-amigaos),

I wish to create a 68k Amiga hosted cross compiler for AROS,

ie I just wish to change just the host to my machine of the 
existing cross compiler, target remains identical,

On the 68k Amiga I use a native gcc-2.95.3-4, and there is a full 
suite of native build tools, make, sed, awk, etc,

The crossgcc FAQ says I must download gcc-2.95.2.tar.gz

I dont quite see where the existing Linux-host:AROS-target gcc source 
enters the picture,

Possibly what I am trying to do is not covered by the FAQ scenarios,

any advice on how I proceed?

should I use the Linux-host:AROS-target sources in place of the 
(gcc+gas+gld+binutils+gdb+newlib) suite in the FAQ 
ie decompress their sources to "/home/foo" (using the FAQ's example)?

or have I totally misunderstood

the Canadian Cross scenario sounds too general for this scenario,
ie my scenario is just the preamble for that scenario,
and I am not totally sure it covers this scenario,

thanks for any help,


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