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confindential co-operation


I am Mr Sam williams an accountant with the South African
Mining Corporation.I got your contact through network
on line in search for a reliable and reputable person
to handle a very confidential transaction, which
involves transfer of fund to a foreign account.

 This said fund (US$9.5m) Nine million, five hundred
thousand United State dollars, is an over due
variation and accumulation of equity investment made
in the South African Mining corporation in the period
of 1973-1977. 

This redeemable investment interest, has now matured
and has long been cleared for disbursment but with no
apparent knowledge of who the investors are as most of
the investors then, were corrupt government officials
and their cronies under the obnoxious aparthied regime
who used pseudo names and aliases in the investment
transactions, but cannot come forward for claims under
the new political dispensation.

After due cunsultative sessions with my colleagues in
the account department of the mining corporation over
the fund (US$9.5M),which is now regarded as floatind
fund, we decided to confiscate the fund and placed it
in a private trust company for safe keeping awaiting
further transfer to a foreign account for further
business ventures. What we need now is a foreign
national who can assist us in the transfer and
investment of the fund.This assistance is needed based
on the fact that our civil service code of conduct
forbids us from running private foreign account while
in government service.If you are willing to assist us
in this transfer, we have agreed to compensate you
generously based on a certain percentage of the total
sum(US$9.5m) through mutual negotiations.

We thank you for your anticipated co-operation and
hope to hear from you soon to enable us give you the
full details of the transactions.For detailed information, 
you can contact us on this e-mail,samwilliams at malaspina dot com

Best regards

Sam williams

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