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RE: problem create shared dll and -shared option

Of course these information is helpful.

Could you find a place where i could download your toolchain sources and
build script? I'd like to build
that from mingw32 msys.

We don't use c++ exception handling, either. 

Yesterday, i use arm/wince/pe gcc compiling my system and found a new
when i invoke a c function( func aaa, no parameter) from assemble code(
like 'bl _aaa'), there always has 8 bytes 
offside from the really function entry when I disassembling the exe. I
used to built it with arm/pe gcc with the same
options, the result was correct at this point. 
The two compilers are correct just for half :-)

I think i have to modify the source of toolchain to accomplish our
purpose, so i wish i could 
get your work, even though you don't think it is finished yet.

thanks for your people's hard work and kindness

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig A. Vanderborgh [mailto:craigv at voxware dot com] 
> Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 00:39
> To: longchuan
> Cc: 'Crossgcc'
> Subject: RE: problem create shared dll and -shared option

> Another option is source.  We provide all of the modified 
> gcc/binutils sources and we'd be happy to give this stuff to 
> you.  There is one major problem remaining with GNU as 
> though, which is that it seems to generate incorrect code for 
> our platform.  We have not yet solved the problem, and we are 
> using GNU as v2.11.2 in our toolchain, since this WORKS.
> Documentation is a big problem.  We are in the midst of 
> setting up a much better site for GNUWINCE that will have 
> some better examples and more completely explain what we've 
> done.  We will do more, but the README is what there is for 
> now.  As far as how much you could do with the compiler, we 
> have JNI dll's, built with our toolchain, that use C++ 
> (heavily), threads, networking, audio i/o, and perform 
> without problems.
> Hope this helps,
> craig

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