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RE: problem create shared dll and -shared option

Let me tell you some detail about my job.
we have an OS, and it had already built by msvc for ix86, wince for arm,
and mingw32 for ix86.
now i am porting it to mingw32 for arm. all the mingw porting is done by
me. so you see the most
important thing is to build or get a copy of GCC for arm-wince-pe ( as
our development platform is under 
win2k, so we choose mingw32) .In fact, i don't really think i need to
build any gcc lib or header, all libs 
used for porting is include in OS itself and we just need GCC as a
target machine code generator( of course,
 we hack some compiler relevant codes from gcc source, like libgcc.). 
I visited your site and download the gcc build
script and newlib 1.11. I downloaded one
version from mingw, that can't be configured for wince/pe.
I follow your build script and rebuilt gcc for arm-wince-pe, I got a
cross-compiler after some minor mistake,
but ld still could not generate the .base file( zero size). The built
steps are:
all configurations are follow build script download for your site, under
msys1.08 win2000
As i know for building cross-gcc , normally step 2 would failed because
lack of some headers
and libs of newlib, but with --enable-multilib=no, it won't. 
Trying to build libstdc++-v3 failed at configure, but i don't think this
is necessary, at lease for 
my purpose. 
Is this gcc for wince/pe a completely GCC ? I doubt it.

as you said, you had do a lot of work to built a gcc for wince/pe, :-),
i think 
that is what i eagerly to know: how much changes and how to do with the
BIG sources. Gcc support for wince/pe is poor by now i think. Could you
document your work? i believe that is very valuable for many people.:)))

BTW, as my gcc for wince/pe can't create .base file, I use the base file
by mingw32 for win32 gcc from the same sources. the wince/pe compiler
didn't complaint 
anything and the result wince/pe dll do have the relocation info. So I
think that those
infos are machine-independent, is that right?
Anyway, the whole build progress is completely ugly :-(

I try to build your sample dll , but arm-wince-pe-ld reports:
./arm-wince-pe-ld -s --dll --subsystem wince:3.00 -e _DllMain
--base-file HelloWorld.base -o HelloWorld.dll HelloWorld.o
-L/usr/local/wince/lib/gcc-lib/arm-wince-pe/3.2 -lgcc -lsupc++ -lm -lc
-lwinsock -lcoredll

./arm-wince-pe-ld: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.3' not found
(required by ./arm-wince-pe-ld)
./arm-wince-pe-ld: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.2.3' not found
(required by ./arm-wince-pe-ld)
what is up? I am not familiar with Linux actually.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig A. Vanderborgh [mailto:craigv at voxware dot com] 
> Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 01:25
> To: longchuan
> Cc: 'Crossgcc'; 'Kai Ruottu'
> Subject: RE: problem create shared dll and -shared option
> We had to do a fair amount of work to get GCC working 
> properly for the arm-wince-pe target.  It sounds like your 
> configuration may not be "quite there" yet..  Let me know if 
> I can help.  By the way, what exactly *is* your target 
> platform anyhow?  Are you running wince?
> craig

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