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RE: problem create shared dll and -shared option

Hi craig:
Firstly, i want to say thanks to you and Kai Ruottu.

I think the key point is the .base. 
Documents said that this file contains relocation info and is 
generated by ld.exe. I have try your 5 step after compiled .cc file,
but my arm-pe gcc seems doesn't create such base file, just create a 
file with the expected name but zero size at step 1. This also happen to
my mingw32 win32 target gcc.

So I wonder if is only meaningful for arm-wince-pe target?

By the way, dlltool create export file for dll does contain relocation
info, i assume 
this by objdump -x xxx.exp, the header information said it HAS_RELOC,
why this .base file necessary? seemed that ld strip such info by

Could you copy and paste the output of "make -n"?
you know , i working under win2k, i try to run make
script from cygwin but some macro is not expended,
i wonder if there is any special option of ld to create .base file. 
this is the actual command line i run for step 1.
ld   --dll --subsystem console --base-file helloworld.base -o
helloworld.dll HelloWorld.o
you know, get a zero size file helloworld.base. :((

Any ideas?

Meanwhile , i would download and run wince-pe toolchain on Linux
to see what is going on.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig A. Vanderborgh [mailto:craigv at voxware dot com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 22:34
> To: longchuan
> Cc: crossgcc at sources dot redhat dot com
> Subject: Re: problem create shared dll and -shared option
> Hello,
> We got dll's using GCC compiled with arm-wince-pe working last year. 
> The main trick is that the "-shared" option does not work 
> correctly for the arm-wince-pe target.  With the help of Kai 
> Ruotto (on crossgcc) we arrived at the conclusion that a 
> special 5 step linking process is required to create dll's 
> with the relocations done properly on arm-wince-pe.
> I have attached an example (with an all-important 
> "") that shows you how to do the link so that the 
> result will run on wince. This example creates a "Hello 
> World" type of thing that can function as a JNI component for 
> java.  We hope this helps you.
> Also, a fully operational toolchain for arm-wince-pe
> (gcc-3.2/binutils2.13) is available "ready-to-run" for 
> x86linux (RedHat 7.1+).  Just make sure you have "-march" set 
> for your platform.  You can get the toolchain from this url:
> This toolchain will build an operational dll from the sources 
> I've attached.
> regards,
> craig vanderborgh
> voxware incorporated

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