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Re: Trouble building gcc-3.2.2/glibc-2.3.2 for cross powerpc-linux

>I haven't been able to get gcc-3.2.x to bootstrap for ppc-linux.  I
>haven't tracked down the root cause, but I do know that libgcc needs
>header files that simply don't exist during the bootstrap phase, and
>it isn't clear to me yet how to fix it.

At least I don't feel out in the cold all alone...

>I bootstrap with 2.95.3, then build gcc-3.x.y after glibc.
>Yes, it's a sad state of affairs.  Hopefully only temporary!

Oh that's an ugly hack.  So you build a gcc-2.95.3 compiler to build a
glibc which allows you to buld a gcc-3.x bootstrap you can use to
build a full-up glibc, right?  How long does it take to build a full
cross tree?

So far it looks like the two hacks I mentioned get me a tree.  I'm
starting over to see if I can reproduce a tree.

Is there anyway to turn off *ALL* exception handling?
If so then libgcc2 shouldn't need any of the unwind code which is the
root of the cross-build evil.  Of course we'd still have to tweek
gcc/config/rs6000/linux.h to not try to include signal.h... 

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