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Re: Trouble building gcc-3.2.2/glibc-2.3.2 for cross powerpc-linux

>Check out the buildroot stuff in the cvs server,
>I think they have a working crossgcc build script for 3.2.2.
>And then there's always the one at
>I have one for 3.0.4 or so at, but it's uglier.
>- Dan

I checked out Bill's script, and it shows:

    ../${GCCDISTO}-core/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$PREFIX \
	--enable-languages=c --with-local-prefix=${PREFIX}/${TARGET} \
	--without-headers --with-newlib --disable-shared \
	2>&1 | tee configure.log

Which matches my config with the one exception that I added

I'll look over the buildroot stuff on busybox; hopefully it will have
what I need...

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