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GCC cross-compiler for the Motorola MPC8xx embedded processor family

To crossgcc subscribers:

The latest release of the GCC GNU Compiler Collection (gcc-3.2.2) is
available to embedded software developers targeting the Motorola MPC8xx
embedded processor family. This port is available on the web at, with
relevant files.

Note that the Free Software Foundation maintains a list of successful
GCC builds at, but this list is
limited to native compilers. For cross-development tools, I am not aware
of any equivalent list. So if you may become interested in using the GCC
for MPC8xx software development in the foreseeable future, you should
keep a pointer to for later reference.

Also, the CONNOTECH web site provides a convenient on-line clock, baud
rate and timer configuration tool for the MPC8xx processor family. See Whether working on
a new MPC8xx system design or maintaining an existing one, this link
should be of interest to you.



- Thierry Moreau

CONNOTECH Experts-conseils inc.
9130 Place de Montgolfier
Montreal, Qc
H2M 2A1

Tel.: (514)385-5691
Fax:  (514)385-5900

e-mail: thierry dot moreau at connotech dot com

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