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Embedded computer card

  JUKI-730-M2 embedded computer system card for only US$ 287


    . Half size ISA SBC (single board computer) 

    . Built-in Intel i386SX 40MHz processor

    . ALi M6117 chipset / AMI flash BIOS

    . 2MB of RAM built-in (up to 32MB EDO RAM supported)

    . HM86508 LCD/CRT VGA controller on board with 1MB V-RAM

    . 4 serial ports (3 RS-232, 1 RS-422/485)

    . 1 parallel port (SPP/EPP/ECP)

    . 1 PIO-4 IDE port

    . 1 DiskOnChip(tm) socket

    . 1 floppy port

    . Built-in hardware watchdog timer for uninterrupt operation

    . PC/104 expansion connector for add-on cards

    . Non-volatile 1Kbit E2Key(tm) EEPROM to retain application
      critical read/write data

  * 127 cards available
  * All cards fully tested 
  * Price: US$ 287 each
  * Shipping and handling NOT included
  * Import/export taxes (if any) NOT included
  * Minimum of 20 cards per order

  Notice: This is BRAND NEW UNUSED equipament bought for a project which
	  didn't use all cards

  Contact: jui_cell at yahoo dot com

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