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Re: autoconf/configure-based linkage/include paths.

Keith Kyzivat wrote:

Ok, this is driving me nuts.

I've got a package (Konq/E) that I've been working on, fixed or stubbed all the current bugs, and now I'm down at the linking stage.
I get errors trying to link to the host's libraries (/usr/lib/...), that they aren't the right endianness, etc... typical couldn't-find-target-libraries error.

I've done this quite a few times before with other packages, and know that there is some finagling to let configure know what include and library paths to use.

1.) prefix refers to a place in which $prefix/lib has libraries for the target platform
2.) ditto for buildprefix
3.) I also pass --with-extra-libs pointing to a place with the libraries for the target platform reside.

What am I doing wrong?
Can someone give me a list of all the various ways,places, etc that autoconf/configure looks for using include paths?

Oh, and I do indeed see a correct -L argument to the failing g++ command... Someone mentioned that it might have something to do with the libtool archive files. Can someone explain this to me?

Ok. I have fixed the problem. It has to do with libtool having a hardwired lib search path of /lib /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib,
which in the cross-compile case, is incorrect. I modified the generated libtool script contained in the project dir,
modifying the sys_lib_search_path_spec so it contained *only* the target's lib dirs. note that this gets defined twice in the library
for some reason.

To top things off, and make sure there weren't any collisions, I took out all the *.la files in lib folders around my system (I stored them in a backup heirarchy).

Cleaned and rebuilt, and voila, things link properly.

~Keith Kyzivat

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