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GDB for MIPS running YAMON

This issue is regarding GDB.

Info. regarding the dev setup:
Dev machine: Windows98
Dev tool: mipsisa32-elf
Target hardware: MIPS 4Kc Atlas board running YAMON

I issued the following gdb commands:

(gdb) target remote com1
(gdb) load
(gdb) b dispstring
(gdb) c

After executing c command gdb reports the following...

warning: Warning: GDB can?t find the start of the
function at 0x3.


If I run it (using ?c? command) without setting the
breakpoint, it runs well.

Clipping from remotelogfile:

c b dispstring
w $ma0100128,4#8a
r +$3c04a010#ec
w +$ma0100124,4#86
r +$27bd0018#f8
w +
c c

The break point command is doing 2 reads. Is that all
what its supposed to do (I am sure its target
dependent)? I imagine that it would write something at
the location (dispstring).

Also if there is a document up in the Internet
explaining the GDB communication protocol & all its
command, please point me to it.

Thanks a lot, -Mike.


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