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mingw32 for arm

    I am trying to build mingw32 GCC for ARM target cross compiler (host
is mingw32), and i think i built the compiler success, but one problem
at least:
    target-objdump.exe couldn't disassemble the obj files this GCC
created, only show :
    "file format pe-arm-little"
    then quit.

    I configured target both as arm-pe and arm-wince-pe (with
arm-wince-pe, also --enable-multilib=no, or the compiling progress would
fail), the results are quite the same. I also set target as
arm-elf,everything seems work fine.

    I had found a document said that arm-pe was not well ported,
something wrong with PE file format it created. I try to use
arm-pe-objdump to disassemble obj file created by wince compiler, it
works well, so i think objdump is correct, then problem is mingw32 GCC
support. GCC source package is gcc-3.2-20020817. binutils is
binutils-2.13-20020903 and newlib newlib-1.10.0. My building environment
is MSYS-1.0.8-i686-2002.07.30, MinGW-2.0.0-3.

    Could anyone here give any idea?


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