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seeking for assistance

FROM:Samson Urevebu. ATTN:DIRECTOR/CEO Compliments of the
season.Grace,Peace and love to you.I hope my letter
does not cause you too much embarrassment as I write
to you in good faith.Please excuse my intrusion into
your business life. My name is Samson Urevbu ,the elder
son of Mr.Dennnis Urevbu from the Republic of
Zimbabwe.During the current war against the farmers
in Zimbabwe from the supporters of President Robert
Mugabe,in his effort to chase all the white farmers
out of the country,he ordered all the white farmers
to surrender their farms to his party members and his
followers.My father,was one of the best and
successful farmers in our country and formerly the
Finance Minister of Robert Mugabe administration,but
he did not support the idea of dispossessing the
white farmers of their land.Because of this,his farm
was invaded and burnt by government supporters.In the
course of the attack, my father was killed, and the
invaders made away with a lot of items from my
father's farm. And our family house was utterly
destroyed.My mother died too,out of heart attack.
After the death of my father,my mother drew my
attention to the sum of US$25.5MILLION,Which he
deposited with a security company in Amsterdam during
my father tenure as the Finance Minister of Zimbabwe.
My sister and I decided to move out of Zimbabwe for
our own security,because our lives were in danger.We
decided to move to the Amsterdam,The Netherlands
where my father deposited this money.Till date, the
security company is not aware of the content of the
consignment because my father used his diplomatic
immunity as at that time to deposit the consignment
as important personal valuables. I decided to have
contact with overseas person/firm who will assist me
to move the money out of Amsterdam.This becomes
necessary because as political asylum seekers,we are
not allowed to own or operate a bank account.If you
accept this proposal,you shall receive 20% of the
entire amount for assisting us to move this money
out,75% of this amount shall be for us, and the
remaining 5% shall be mapped out for expenses
incurred in the course of the transaction. I want you
to immediately confirm your interest in the project
via through this e-mail(samsonurevbu at netscape dot net),as soon as I get your response,I will
give you more details on how we can proceed. Thanks for
your anticipated coperation. I await your Urgent
response Best regards, Samson Urevbu

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