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very important mail please

Mr.Izu Chukwu

Dear Sir,


First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction,
this is by virtue of it's nature as being utterly confidential and
top secret as you were introduced to us in confidence through the Nigerian
Chamber of Commerce, foreign trade division. and if the contents of this mail
does meet with your approval, i humbly crave your indulgence.

I am the chairman of the Economic Recovery Committe (ERC) set up
by the present civilian Government of Nigeria to review economic
policies of government establishments/parastatals, and find out
ways to reduce waste and maximise revenues allocated to them.

In the course of our work at the ERC, we discovered this fund which
resulted from gross re-valuation of contracts by top government
officials of the Nigeria National Petroluem Coperation (NNPC). The
company that executed the contracts have been duly paid and the
contracts commissioned, leaving the sum of US$25.2M Million lying
unclaimed in the FOREIGN RESERVE ACCOUNT of Nigeria Government.

Upon interogation of the directors of engineering and finance, who
both happens to be my contemporaries in the university, they confessed
to me in confidence that they had an agreement with the original
contractor to revaluate the original contract by 30%,this 30% which
amounts to US$25.2M was to be their share from the contract, since
the original contractor was well disposed towards giving them the
conventional 105 kickback. When I now asked them what they intended
to do now that my committee has discovered this US$25.2 M,
they pleaded to me not to disclose this information to the government
as they will lose their jobs and their family names destroyed. I
was at  a crossroad, as I did not want my friends to suffer for what other top
government officials do and get away with. I discussed with the other two
members of my committee and we all unanimously agreed
to find a foreign contractor who should put a legal claim on the fund
and have the money transferred to his or her account as the contractor
that completed the contract.

I have therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by my colleagues
in the committee to look for an overseas partner to whom we could
used to receive this sum of US$25.2 M legally, thereby sub-contracting the
entitlement to your company. This is bearing in mind that our civil
service code of conduct forbids us from owning foreign company or
running foreign account while in government service hence the need for an
overseas partner. more interesting is that i and my colleagues has agreed
 to handl all the local financial commitment for the procurment of all
the necessary documents that will give the transaction its legal backing
to ensure that your duty will only be your total support and cooperation
as soon as you are called upon or invited by the foreign office to clear and receive the fund .

All logistics are in place and all modalities worked out for the
smooth conclusion of the transaction within ten to fourteen days of

Thanks as i wait for your mail soon

Mr.Izu Chukwu

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