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Changes in the way the crossgcc mailing list is handled

Hi folks, I've moved the crossgcc list from to, and there are a bunch of changes due to this move.

First off, everyone that was subscribed to is now
subscribed to  No action is required of
you to remain on the mailing list.

There are a bunch of benefits to this move. is
vastly faster at distributing mail--mail will be completely delievered
in under 30 minutes the majority of the time (as opposed to the many
hours it could take before).

There are many spam blocking measures on sourceware so that spam will
become a non-issue without restricting posting access to only those
subscribed to the list.

There are nice web archives of the mailing list, as well as mbox-formatted
archives available by ftp.  The web archives are searchable.


The method used to unsubscribe from the list is now different.
If you look at the headers to this mail message, you will see a
"List-Unsubscribe" header.  It will look like this:


If your e-mail address that you're subscribed under is "UNAME@HOSTNAME".

As you can see, your e-mail address is encoded in this header.  Send a
mail note to that address (strip out the "mailto:" part if you're doing
this by hand), and you will get a confirmation note to make sure you
are really you.  Reply to that confirmation note, and you will be off
the mailing list.  Very easy, very reliable, no need to struggle to
remember what address you're subscribed under.

There is also a List-Help: header pointing to how to get help, a
List-Archive: header pointing to where to find web archives of the list,
and a List-Post: header which gives you the address to use to post a
message to the list.  These headers are from the newish RFC2369 standard,
you'll see them showing up on more mailing lists in the future.


If you want to filter mail from this mailing list, use the Sender:
address.  It will be set to


for all mail notes on this mailing list.


As I indicated above, there is a web archive of this mailing list.
You can see it at

It has all the crossgcc mail since 1997, and has a search engine
for extra easy groping.


Want to get a digest version of crossgcc?  You'll get one mail note every
day or so.  It's pretty straightforward to change, see the instructions at


The address will forward mail to for a while longer.  In a while (say a
month), I will disable this forwarding and set up an auto-responder at
the address.

Why not continue forwarding indefinitely?  I can't enable the spam
blocking measures until I stop forwarding the mail to

In addition--I'm really sorry about this--I can't even restrict the
posting access to subscribed people only while this transition is
in place.  So for the next couple of weeks, the amount of spam will
probably _increase_ on the list.  Then I'll disable the forwarding
and the spam will all but disappear.  So please hang tight for the
next few weeks.


I'll work with Scott for the next few days to customize the crossgcc list
so that it behaves more or less like the old list.  I'd like to think we
can avoid the end-of-message reminder about how to unsubscribe--there's
that handy List-Unsubscribe header which tells you everything you need
to know.

To subscribe to crossgcc, send a mail note to  Or there is a handy little
web form for subscribing and unsubscribing at


Please feel free to contact me if any of this is unclear.

Free the Software!

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