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That's the way we used to do it, but it seemed "inelegant".  Directly 
linking in the configuration data seemed much more direct.  Having to 
put something in the linker command file didn't bother me, since the 
command file is specific to this board anyway.  But as it stands, I have 
to translate the ascii hex to binary, use objcopy to embed the binary in 
an existing object file, and save it as a second object file.  
Translating to C is starting to sound better again.  Of course, now I'll 
have the original hex data file, the .c file, and a .o file.  Either 
way, it's not as direct as I'd originally hoped.

BTW, the reason I want it linked with the executable is that each 
executable may have a different configuration for the FPGA, depending on 
the application.  This way, we don't have to worry about the program and 
the configuration data getting mismatched.
John A. Breen

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