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No Subject

>I'm not too sure if this is the most afficient way, as I'm a crossgcc
>newbie by myself, but from my point of view I'd define an extra
>section for this (for example .fpgadata) as follows:
> [linker file snipped]

Your example worked pretty much as is.  It turns out that the difficult 
part (which I thought would be easy) is using objcopy.  It apparently 
won't directly convert an S-record file (or any format I could get the 
data file into) to elf.  In fact, I can't even convert from srec to 
binary; it gives me the error:

    Warning: Output file cannot represent architecture UNKNOWN!

Anyone understand what this is saying?  My "architecture" (as far as 
what binutils was built for) is m68k-elf, but I don't think that's what 
it means (even if it is, I can't see a way to specify it).

The other problem (which I could get around if I could convert srec to 
binary) is that the only way to create a new section with objcopy is to 
use --add-section, which takes a separate file argument and copies the 
whole file into the section, without translation.

Anyone have any suggestions on this end of things?  I know I can use 
scripts and such to do the translation, but I wanted to do it with the 
"standard" tools if possible (I also wanted to cut down on the number of 
intermediate files).
John A. Breen

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