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Re: canadian cross error

> > > but on the way to build i386-go32 cross m68k-coff, I got such
> > > kind of error :
> > >
> > > make[1]: Entering directory
> > > '/home/hardware/dony/gnu/b-i386-go32-x-m68k-coff/gcc'
> > > make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'objective-c', needed by 'native'.
> > > Stop.
> > 
> >  The GCC build needs to use 'cc1obj' to do something. The 'make-lang' or
> > something in the 'objc' subdir, from which the final Makefile is made,
> > has a line with './cc1obj <something>', which is wrong...

 Ok, the solution was for a wrong problem... but a problem anyway when doing
Canadian Cross...

 In embedding we don't need the 'objective-c' language at all and the Cygnus 
patches have removed almost all references to it, but leaved this (a bug). So
simply remove the 'objective-c' from the prerequisities of 'native'. There is
a line starting with 'native:' in your Makefile and after it a list of things
to do earlier, before going to make 'native'. If the 'objective-c' target has
been removed, there are no rule how to do it...

 I looked my gcc-2.8.1 sources and found that you the 'objective-c' is probably 
included in the 'LANGUAGES' definition, so it isn't straightly in the 'native:'

> Do you mean '' in the source directory
> 'gcc-2.8.1/gcc/objc'??

 Yes, just my lousy memory...

> I found a line like :
> ./cc1obj -print-objc-runtime-info tmp-runtime >>$@
> I have replaced it according to what you said, but the code
> didn't generate proper Makefile for 'go32-to-m68k-coff'.

> The generated Makefile didn't use 'cc1obj' at all, but 'cc1plus'
> and still got the same error.

 Ok, the fix wasn't quite useful for this bug...

 The 'cc1obj' is the Objective-C compiler, 'cc1plus' the C++ compiler
to be made.  The Objective-C isn't needed, and the crossgcc-patches
tried to remove all references to it but failed... There are one or
more extra 'objective-c' references left to remove... 

 Cheers,  Kai
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