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Re: canadian cross error

> Hii all,
> First of all I wanna thank to Kai Ruottu who has replied 
> regarding "i386-go32 compile error". Your path worked!!

 You are welcome.

> But it is not the end. I wanna have i386-go32 cross m68k-coff 
> at the end. I use cygnus script ( to do that.
> I'm able to build sunos4 cross i386-go32 and sunos4 cross m68k-coff,
> but on the way to build i386-go32 cross m68k-coff, I got such
> kind of error :
> make[1]: Entering directory
> '/home/hardware/dony/gnu/b-i386-go32-x-m68k-coff/gcc'
> make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'objective-c', needed by 'native'.
> Stop.

 The GCC build needs to use 'cc1obj' to do something. The 'make-lang' or
something in the 'objc' subdir, from which the final Makefile is made,
has a line with './cc1obj <something>', which is wrong...

 When doing the Canadian cross, one needs to use the 'GCC_FOR_TARGET'-one,
not the one just built.  So, I would suggest a permanent fix to this problem:

 1. Add the line
      OBJC_FOR_TARGET=`$(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -print-prog-name=cc1obj`
    in a suitable (logical) place in the start of OBJC 'make-lang'.

 2. Change the './cc1obj' in the line where it is from:
      ./cc1obj <something>
      $(OBJC_FOR_TARGET) <something>

> Did anybody ever have such kind of error?? Please reply me a hint ...

 Ok, I have met this with all new sources, but never remembered to post 
to 'gcc-bug'... You need not to reconfigure, just add the OBJC_FOR_TARGET
definition and fix the line with the './cc1obj ...' in your Makefile.
When you have your 'go32-to-m68k-coff' ready and have run 'make distclean',
you can fix the OBJC Makefile template for the next Canadian Cross...

Cheers,  Kai
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