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Re: New crossgcc maintainer

Hello Scott and Crossgcc.

I am a midnight cross development hack. see

I too am hosting on DOS/Windows and to have dabbled in Linux.  My ACAD,
ORCAD and WARP tools force me to stay attached to the MS empire.  I have
installed and used cygwin32 and Source Navigator. I  would install cross
gcc for 68k on win32 with GDB via BDM port,  if I could find an FAQ for the

When the day comes that I can run my DOS win32 apps on Linux I will final
break free.

Until either of these things happen,  I will continue using INTROL'C'  and
HMI Source Gate BDM for 68k '332' Vesta SBC 332 development.

My current target is a PC104 based sx386 with flash disc 'AR9612A'  from
Accrosser. I am hosted on win95'b' with FAT32 using Borland 'C' 4.02 and
turbo debugger remote.

I plan to move back over to my 68k target next year.

I hope my introduction and plugs are not to far off topic for the list. If
so feel free to respond with your comments and advice.