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Linking in blocks of data

This isn't strictly a cross-compiler question, although I imagine most 
cross-compiler users have wanted to do this at one time.

I've got a block of data, in S-record format (for those who care, it's 
the configuration data for an FPGA).  I'd like to link it with an 
executable that runs on the target, so that the whole thing gets 
downloaded at once.  In the past, we've done this by converting the data 
file into a header file with a big array definition.

Looking at the man pages for objcopy, I can almost see how to do this, 
but not quite.  Translating to elf is easy enough, but what section 
should it go in?  Is there a way to specify the starting address of the 
block symbolically (and relocatably), so that the code just references 
it as an extern char array?

Does this make any sense?
John A. Breen

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