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New crossgcc maintainer


After many years of faithful service as maintainer of the crossgcc faq
and mailing list, Doug Evans has decided to move on to new challenges.
He deserves a big 'attaboy' for doing his part to help us embedded
developers find our way around the gcc compiler system, a task which I'm
sure you will agree can sometimes be quite formidable.

The new maintainer is Scott Howard (  I am an old
embedded hacker, doing most of my development on DOS and Windows hosts
(although I have recently tried to reform  my wayward path, with the
help of Linux.  ;-)  I hope to add some material to the FAQ to help make
GCC more accessible to those of us in the DOS/Windows environment;  but
this will not be done at the expense of the Unix community.  Indeed,
thanks in part to Linux it appears that Unix may be growing in
importance for embedded developers, and I want to make sure that
crossgcc remains relevant for the largest possible cross-section of
embedded developers.

I would like to ask that any list members who have suggestions for
changes that they'd like to see, to post their ideas to the list (or
e-mail me directly if you don't want the whole list to see your

(Note: this change will not require any action on your part as a list
subscriber.  If you are currently subscribed to crossgcc, your
subscription will remain intact.)

Best Regards,

Scott Howard