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Re: GAS directives

> Does anybody know what is the directives syntax in GAS to :
I'm not too sure if these directives are CPU dependent, but for
the m68k they are:

> * define storage (reserve a block of memory)
>   (most of assembler use DS)
LABEL    .RES.B   <numbytes>
LABEL    .RES.W   <numwords>
LABEL    .RES.L   <numlongwords>

> * define constant block (allocate a block of data)
>   (most of assembler use DCB)
LABEL    .DATA.B  <byte-value>,<byte-value>,...
LABEL    .DATA.W  <word-value>,...
LABEL    .DATA.L  <longword-value>,...
LABEL    .ASCII   "Some ASCII string\0"

> * define constant value (allocate a data)
>   (most of assembler use DC)
LABEL    .ASSIGN  <value>

Numeric values can be entered in decimal (default), hex or bin. For hex
numbers you need the prefix h' (example: MYLABEL .ASSIGN h'4afc), for
binary numbers you need the prefix b' (example: MYLABEL .ASSIGN b'1001).
Maybe there's one for octal numbers also, but I've never used that...

Hope this helps.

Juergen Suessmaier
Texas Instruments Deutschland         EMail:
Automation Software Group   
Haggertystr 1               
D-85356 Freising, Germany