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RE: 68xxx software emulator

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Robert J. Brown wrote:

> A good software cpu simulator should provide features a software
> debugger cannot possibly provide.  I should think the easiest way to
> integrate such a thing with gdb would be to stick a cross-debug gdb
> interface into the software load and do it exactly like you would do
> it on a real hardware platform.
> A fancier interface might hook back to to simulation support code to
> do the kernel cross-debug thing, but then you would not be testing the 
> cross debug interface you will ultimately need on the real hardware
> anyway. 

The PowerPC and SPARC simulators built into gdb are very powerful and
capable of supporting the addition of custom devices.  psim is especially
robust in this regard. 

I have used psim to test real applications to a remarkably high degree of
fidelity.  It significantly reduced the need for real hardware.  

You can't do everything on a simulator but with a good one, you can stay
off hardware for a LONG time.