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Trying to install crosscompiler for Linux X86, target: RS6000

I'm trying to install gcc as a crosscompiler on Linux / x86 for rs6000 as

I'm using:

I choosed the instructions in FAQ 0.8.2 (applying the patch too)

compiling binutils works fine,
but when compiling gcc, it stops after a while with the following message=
	libgcc1-test.o: In function 'main_without__main':
	libgcc1-test.c: 44: undefined reference to '__itrunc'
	libgcc1-test.c: 45: undefined reference to '__itrunc'
	make: *** [libgcc1-test] Error 1

(I got no access to an rs6000 system, so I have to build libgcc.a by myself,
this should work too ?)

(I think it should be possible to install such a crosscompiler)

Thanks for any help	

Rene Schenk

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