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Cross compiling Linux/x86->Linux/ppc glibc 2.0.95

Is it possible to do this?

Here's the situation:

cross binutils-1.9
cross egcs-1.0.3a
glibc 2.0.95 source on a
Linux/x86 host with glibc 2.0.6 native

I'm able to build working kernels with my cross development setup but I
have not been able to get glibc 2.0.95 to cross compile so that I can
build Linux/PPC apps from my Linux/x86 box.  Glibc doesn't appear to be
cross-compile friendly from my attempts so far.  It claims my egcs
(1.0.3a) is broken during autoconf.  If I configure first as native
x86 Linux then repeat the configure as targeted to LInux/PPC it then
continues on and is happy.  When building, though, it complains it can't
find <linux/version.h> even though I explicitly use --with-headers=<my
kernel include path> so it will pick them up.

I'd like to be able to build libc.* and crt* for Linux/PPC from source on
the x86 box.  The info files only seem to describe grabbing prebuilt
libraries from the target machine, which should only be necessary for
commercial *nix with binary only libraries.

I'm doing this because full-up Linux can run happily on embedded Motorola
boards which don't have memory constraints to prevent using glibc.


Matt Porter