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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Simon <> writes:

    Mike> Bob, I seem to have fallen off the Cross GCC list. Where do
    Mike> I sign up again?

    Mike>    My actual question is:

    Mike>       What is the syntax of the CINV m68060 instruction.
    Mike> Specifically what goes in the <caches> field.

    Mike>       I can't find it in any of the Mot. or GNU books I
    Mike> have.
    Mike>      I am faking it right now by using a .long directive and
    Mike> assembling the bits myself.

    Mike>      I tried a few things. I use the -m68060 directive and
    Mike> the assembler recognizes the command but it doesn't like
    Mike> what I am using for <caches>.

    Mike>   I also tried using an ascii dump of the assembler to
    Mike> figure out the syntax. No help.

    Mike> You can repost this wherever it will help.

    Mike> Simon ==================== Mike Simon Sundstrand Aerospace
    Mike> POB 7002 Rockford, Illinois 61125 815-226-3326 FAX
    Mike> 815-226-2552