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Help with RTEMS installation


 We're trying to build a linux to linux cross-environment with RTEMS,
but we're having problems and we don't know how to solve them.

 We're using the following versions:
            binutils 2.8.1
            gcc 2.8.1

 To compile all the above we're using the next variables:
            host = i686-unknown-linux
            target = i386-coff
            prefix = $HOME/rtems/entorno
            targetlib = i386-unknown-rtems

  We've got achieved to compile all by putting the variable
RTEMS_HAS_POSIX_API to "no", but that's not what we want, because we
need the POSIX API to install over it the GNAT ADA.

  We've tried to install it in two different linux distributions: RedHat
5.0 and Slackware 3.2.

  We think the problem is because of the newlib, so in the installation
process the compiler searches for header files (that we suppose they are
related to the newlib) and it doesn't find them.

  We'd thank any kind of help you could provide us.

    Vicent X. Julian Inglada, Carlos Carrascosa
    Dpto. de Sistemas Informaticos y Computacion
    Universidad Politecnica de Valencia .
    Camino de Vera s/n  46071 Valencia .