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e-Merchant Credit Card Processing

   Start accepting orders from your site worldwide in 2-3 days.

-   Affordable, complete, automated, turn-key, e-merchant "shopping cart"
    system links to your existing pages anywhere in the world

-   No bank qualifying required

-   Designed for Internet merchants who have been turned down
    or cannot get a merchant account for any reason.

-   Sophisticated routine security measures to minimize fraud

for more information:

5 August 1998:

   Visa and Mastercard will become the dominant means by which consumers 
make purchases over the Internet during the next five years, according to a 
new study of electronic payment systems.This means that the e-commerce 
merchants could handle a $10 billion-plus Internet commercial market by 2001, 
said a report by SRI Consulting, a research firm in Menlo Park, Calif. The 
use of so-called smart cards and electronic currencies will "fair poorly," the 
researchers predict. 



                      1-800-700-4439 (US only)

 No need to obtain your own merchant account 
 No bank qualifying 
 Low start-up cost 
 Same affordable rates regardless of sales volume
 Accept credit card orders worldwide 
 No advance security deposit
 No equipment or software to buy or lease
 No long-term obligation 
 No physical presence in the US required
 Set-up is quick and easy
 Competitive, cost-effective rates and pricing
 Sophisticated, complete e-commerce system included
 Easily links to your existing pages 
 No need to move your site
 No limit to the number of products 
 Transactions in U.S. dollars 
 Payment for proceeds by check or direct deposit
 State-of-the-art-privacy and security with industry encryption standards
 Up-to-the-minute, routine security measures to minimize fraud 
 Complete Sales Agreement available for your review
 No hidden costs ~ no surprises
 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee

   Established US Internet firm with many years' experience 
in traditional and mail-order credit card processing.

for more info:
  c/o Internet Credit Card Merchant Services
  2777 Yulupa Avenue, Suite 133
  Santa Rosa, CA 95405 USA