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Re: MRI compatible library and directives


Regarding your problem with MRI vs. GNU assembler directives: Check out
gas's MRI compatibility mode. Add -M to the gas command line.

I don't understand your other questions, so someone else will have to
answer those.


At 01:36 PM 8/7/98 +0800, Willowglen Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd wrote:
>    Hiii .... I'm starting to use gcc for compiling code from  third party.
>Some of the code portion are entry file which is standard code  for MRI
>compiler. Right now I have a lot of problem on compatibility of the 
>assembler directives, since they are totally different (like XDEF, XREF OPT
>in MRI, but in gcc  ...???) Also there is some standard header files
>differences  .... Can anybody help me to provide some information on  : *
>reference conversion MRI assembler directives to gnu  assembler directives
>* compatible MRI header files to gnu, like : mriext.h (inside  there is
>stdaux and stdprn function which I need)??                                 
>                               _IOREAD, _IOWRT is not exist in stdio.lib
>for GNU???                                                         
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