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MRI compatible library and directives

Hiii ....
I'm starting to use gcc for compiling code from third party.
Some of the code portion are entry file which is standard code for MRI compiler.
Right now I have a lot of problem on compatibility of the assembler directives, since they are
totally different (like XDEF, XREF OPT in MRI, but in gcc ...???)
Also there is some standard header files differences ....
Can anybody help me to provide some information on :
* reference conversion MRI assembler directives to gnu assembler directives
* compatible MRI header files to gnu, like : mriext.h (inside there is stdaux and stdprn function which I need)??
                                                               _IOREAD, _IOWRT is not exist in stdio.lib for GNU???
* compatible MRI library files to gnu, like : mcc68kab.lib??