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Questions re: FAQ

1.  The last time the FAQ was updated is over a year ago.  Is the
information still
      valid against Cygwin32 release B19

2. I can get source for gcc from, but the oldest
    of binutils they have is 2.6.x, and the newest is 2.9.1
    Will the patch file still work against newer versions of the
binutils release?
    If not, do you have a newer patch?

3. If not, do you know where I can find a copy of the 2.5.2 release of

4. Am I missing out on any important bug fixes by using gcc
instead of
    gcc 2.8.x ?

5. Is anyone reading this?  Is this mailing list still active?

6. I'm trying to wind up with a cross-compiler which runs on an NT box
    generates MIPS code.  If anyone on this list has already done that,
or even
    done something roughly similar, and wouldn't mind answering a few
    please let me know.

Thanks to all, and have a nice day.