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H8/300 vs Obj-C error?

I'm having trouble building a cross compiler for the target
h8/300, for a go32 host, using gcc-2.8.1, Binutils-2.9.1,
Newlib-1.8.1, on RedHat 5.1.

I get the error:

Leaving ..../b-i386-go32-x-h8300-hms.
No rule to make target 'objective-c' needed by 'native'.  Stop.

Why does 'native' want objective-c?  Is 'native' here
referring to the 'build' compiler, or the gcc.2.8.1 compiler
that I'm compiling with?

# This script is from crossgcc FAQ-0.8.
# This patch assumes:
# - the source tree contains binutils, gcc, and newlib build with the
#   one-tree script

Did it, no errors.

# - that crossgcc-gcc-2.x.y.patch has been applied
	Used crossgcc-gcc-2.8.1.patch.

# Create a single source tree from the various development tools.
# Version 1.5.
# The script needs a binutils, gcc, and newlib release.
# It looks for them in the current directory.

Did it, no errors.

Have set:

LANGUAGES=c  [Added this, and started over clean, didn't help.]

Where do I go from here?

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