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Re: 68000/RTEMS question..

>1) Under Linux, will a recompilation from GCC source make changes to my
>   existing x86 GCC bintree/libtree even if 'prefix' is given or does
>   all compilation results stay in the 'prefix' indicated directory?

You'll get programs named m68k-<coff, elf, whatever>-gcc, for example.

>2) Under Win32, are the Cygnus changes to the GCC code adopted into the
>   ordinary source tree or do I need a specially patched source code?
>   I.e. can I download any newer GCC source and just copile it under 
>   Cygnus bash just as in the Unix case?  Apart from --host=i386-cygwin32
>   that is?

I believe that it's ready to go.  Mingw32 seems to work well, too, and 
without that annoying DLL.

>3) GCC version 2.8.1, can it be configured as an crosscompiler, or must
>   I apply the newly arrived patch at Cygnus FTP?

The patch probably makes it easier, but it'll work with a little fiddling

>4) EGCS, is that something a mere mortal should touch or does it break
>   more than it fix/offer?

I'm happy with it so far.  Not sure how much it has to offer for a 68k.

>8) Is there a X11 based frontend for GDB supporting a m68k configuration?

I like ddd.  <>

>9) How do I actually write an interrupt handler for m68k in GCC?

It wouldn't be hard to add a -m option to make all the functions in
a compilation unit into interrupt handlers.  Aside from that, you can write 
them in assembly, or write assembly wrappers for C functions, or use inline
assembly to put your own prologue and epilogue inside the one GCC makes.

>10) I hope the compilation of the linker extracts som useful information
>    om how to do section allocation and what sections GCC generate.
>    Where is this info present on the net?

The linker documentation talks about this.  On line, I'd start at

Hope this helps

  Ken Rose <>