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Re: Gnat cross compiler; Sun/MIPS

> Hi!
> I am trying to build a Gnat cross compiler from a
> sparc-sun-solaris2.5.1 to a MIPS embedded target. However I have not
> been very successful. I have several problems, some are already
> encountered and others are anticipated. First of all I have problems
> just building a cross gcc.  Second, since there is no OS/RTK running
> on the target a C runtime and what ever is needed for the Ada run-time
> to be ported to that target.
> I would like to get in touch with somebody who has managed to build such
> a cross compiler. Please send me an email (
> Regards,
> Kristina
> ________________________________________________________________________
> Kristina Lundqvist              | Email:     
> Uppsala University              | URL:  
> Department of Computer Systems  | Telephone work:         +46-18-4713175
> Box 325, S-751 05 UPPSALA       | Telephone home:         +46-18- 551871
> Sweden                          | Fax:                    +46-18- 550225


    I tried to build a GNAT cross compiler from a Red Hat Linux to a mc68020
embedded target.

    First, I installed cross-binutils and cross-gcc. After, I cross-compiled
newlib and RTEMS-3.6.0.

    As RTEMS is a POSIX Run-Time System and it is the RTS for GNAT/SPARC
I cross-compiled GNAT to my mc68020 embedded target without errors but I
have not concurrency neither timing. I don't know if I have a RTEMS
configuration problem or the problem is in GNAT/RTEMS interface.

    Take a look at:

    for cross-compiling GNAT

    Also, gcc-2.7.2 has not architecture-vendor-rtems target but GNAT-3.10p
has. So, I change *-coff in gcc configures for *-rtems for building the proper
gcc Makefiles. Also, there is a sintantic error in the body of RTEMS
OS-interface package (5rosinte.adb) line 147.

    So, you could install RTEMS and then use RTEMS as RTS for GNAT. RTEMS is
free and the new version RTEMS-4.0 is anunced as a valid RTS for GNAT. So,
if you have time you could patch the GNAT/RTEMS-3.6.0 interface or you can
wait for the RTEMS-4.0.

    Also, RTEMS-3.6.0 has not POSIX timers and we implemented it. You can
find this patch at:

    Also, this patch contains the proper settings for compiling RTEMS-POSIX
hosted in a Red Hat 4.2 Linux targetted to a mvme135.

    Hope this help and good luck

    Juan Zamorano
    Technical University of Madrid
    School of Computer Science
    Departament of Computer Architecture
    Boadilla del Monte, 28660 Madrid