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"Sexual Harassment" ~ #1 business video

  This #1 best-selling, business training video 
can save you thousands of dollars in legal problems 
by preventing sexual harassment situations before they start.

   "Sexual Harassment: Situations for Discussion"  

~   VHS Video   24 minutes   (1998)
         Includes a 112-page self-study book "Stopping Sexual Harassment 
         Before it Starts: A Business and Legal Perspective" ($12.95 value)

~   Price: US$99.95 + $8.00 Federal Express 3-day (US) shipping

~   Absolute 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee

~   Produced by the leading US producer of business training videos

    For complete details, please call toll-free anytime...
                800-700-4439  (US only)  

   We apologize if our phone lines are busy, please keep trying. 
It's a flat-rate, unlimited-volume 800# system using the latest 
telecom technology.  But occaisionally we do overwhelm it.

   No organization can afford to ignore sexual harassment 
prevention training.  This new, quality, professionally-produced, 
video training program delivers the facts on what managers 
and employees need to know for sexual harassment 
recognition and prevention. 

   Two new, landmark, US Supreme Court rulings  ( 6/26/98 ) 
make it easier to bring lawsuits over sexual harassment at 
work.  In a resounding 7-2 vote, the nation's high court ruled 
in two cases that employers may be held liable for misconduct 
by their supervisors.  Sexual harassment lawsuits have soared 
nationwide during the 1990s.    WASHINGTON (Reuters)

Thank you.

   Visa, Mastercard, American Express accepted.
Orders are shipped within 24 hours via 3-day Federal Express..
Outside the continental US, please ask for shipping charges.


1)  Please call toll-free anytime  800-700-4439  (US only)
     You may leave your complete order information or leave your name 
     and telephone number and we will call you.

2)  Print this email (with order form below) and mail it with your 
     check or credit card information to:

TrainingFocus, Inc. 
2777 Yulupa Avenue #133 
Santa Rosa, California,  95405  

Internet Distributor of Quality, Professionally-Produced, 
Affordable, Business Videos, Books, Audios, and CDs
 - since 1996

   By using the Internet to eliminate high costs of printing and postage, 
we are able to sell at prices around US$100. Similar quality 
products cost US$250 - US$800 elsewhere.

   Please ask about our catalog of hundreds of new 
and best-selling, quality, affordable business training videos.

.............ORDER FORM..................

Sexual Harassment: Situations for Discussion  - video and book
US$ 99.95  + $8.00 Federal Express 3-day shipping (US)
 {for multiple orders add shipping charge of $2.00 each )

   Total  US$107.95 

100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee by simply returning the product.
Further, you always have complete recourse through your
credit card bank if you are not completely satisfied
with either the product or our service.

Quantity: _1_    $107.95 total  includes shipping



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thank you.