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newlib or glibc ?

I wish to cross compile gcc to m68k and ppc embbedded systems.  I wish
to be able to cross compile on Linux and Win32 platforms and generate
exactly the same output files.  ie.  I prefer to use Linux while other
coworkers prefer to use Win95.  To use the cross-compiler I need (not
needed but prefer to have) a standard C and C++ library.

Do newlib and glibc do the same/similar thing ?
>From my understanding they are both standard C libraries.
If they are interchangeable then I would think that glibc would be
better as it is used in naitive GCC ports to OSs such as Linux and
Win95.   This would make simulating things more consistant as the same C
libraries would be used on the hosts and the embedded systems.

Any ideas which would be the best way to go ?
Has anyone tried both on embedded systems ?  If so what were the results
?  eg. performance, code size, etc.

Brendan Simon

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