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Re: GCC and Hitachi SH

> I am using:
> 	binutils-2.9.1
> 	gcc-2.8.1
> 	newlib-1.8.1
> I am also using the "one tree build method" from the Cygnus FTP site.

The last I heard, the "one tree build method" was not supported (yet?) for 
gcc-2.8.1 as Cygnus is investing their efforts exclusively with egcs.  The 
scripts used for this seem to have gotten a little moldy.

I tried this approach for these versions as well (m68k-coff target) and 
received a virtual avalanche of errors.

Everything seemed to work fine for us by resorting back to the FSF methods for 
now.  This is how the crossm68k-devel (developmental) port for FreeBSD was 
constructed.  We're evaluating the egcs package and may go with that instead 
for the final release.

For our applications, we don't care much about C++ right now...

Good Luck,

Jerry Hicks