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RE: Cross compiling Wintel32 (win95 & NT) code on Sun Solaris 2.6 servers


> Currently, I build the NT version on an NT machine,
> but NT's networking & cooperation with the UNIX server
> is not robust ("not" is an understatement).
> I would like to know if someone has successfully
> cross compiled code for the NT on Solaris, and how to go about the same.
> What's the impact on the debuggablity of the crosscompiled
> NT executable? Is it possible to make gcc write out debugging info.
> that is readable by Microsoft VC++?

Have a look at the Gnu-Win32 project
( I don't think that MSVC can read
gcc debugging info so you are left with using gdb. :(
I believe that Solaris -> NT cross compiling and Linux -> NT cross compiling
work just great...the Cygwin32 toolkit (gcc for NT) is actually built on a
Solaris machine before release(although you can rebuild the thing on NT ;)
The guy's on the gnu-win32 mailing list may have a a fair bit more help to
give as this list is mostly inhabited by embedded developers.


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