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Cross compiling Wintel32 (win95 & NT) code on Sun Solaris 2.6 servers

Hi Friends,
I am the project manager for a mechanical CAD product.
My product works on both Windows NT & Solaris, and
has a Windows compliant GUI, connected to a computation engine.
The Computation Engine is basically straight forward C++. (no templates,
or any fancy c++ features)
Currently, I build the NT version on an NT machine,
but NT's networking & cooperation with the UNIX server
is not robust ("not" is an understatement).
I would like to know if someone has successfully 
cross compiled code for the NT on Solaris, and how to go about the same.
What's the impact on the debuggablity of the crosscompiled
NT executable? Is it possible to make gcc write out debugging info.
that is readable by Microsoft VC++?
Any and all comments are very welcome.
Thanks for your help,
Suvarna Tejas