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RE: binutils 2.9.1 for PowerPC/EABI under Windows NT


> I have built binutils-2.9.1 for PowerPC/EABI on my WindowsNT4.0 SP3
> machine enhanced with cygwin32 19.1. I had some problems, I remember
> one where I had to remove optimization flags from the makefile and
> compile that single file (the same file as in your example?). Then I
> reinserted the optimization flags for the rest of the build.
> So try to compile this ./config/tc-ppc.c file without optimization.

It would appear that a bug in the Cygwin32 B19 compiler binaries is the
problem here. I upgraded to Mumit Khan's EGCS binaries
( and a
failing build of powerpc-rtems binutils then started to work OK. Beta 19.5
which should be based on EGCS and is allegedly due in the middle of the
summer should fix these problems.


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