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Re: Cross Compile for Hitachi SH3? (HP Palmtop 320LX)

> I just bought a HP Palmtop 320LX, this PDA are equipped with Hitachi SH3
> and running Win CE1.0.
> I am fed up with M$ and have a Idea to try to use ELKS (the mini Linux
> projects) kernel and port it to SH3.
> And as you realise I need a Cross Compiler for SH3 hosted on a intel-linux
> machine.
> Is there one?

 I assume you would like to use ELF as the binary format.  There is support for
'sh-elf32' in binutils & gcc...

 Just configure binutils and gcc sources with :
   --host=i486-linux --target=sh-elf32
build them and compile the appropriate C-library (glibc-2.0.x? or does ELKS
use a library of its own...), and you should have something to start with...