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ADV: SONET Newsletter Volume 6-98

Kalman Saffran Associates Inc. (KSA) announces the availability of
SONET/SDH technology licenses.

Already the telecommunications standard, SONET/SDH has now been 
adopted by ISP's and the cable TV industry. Equipment manufacturers 
are required by customers to deliver SONET/SDH compatible products.

KSA began developing SONET/SDH products 12 years ago for telephone
equipment manufacturers.  Now the entire communications industry needs
to plug into the public switched telephone network using SONET/SDH.
By capitalizing on KSA's vast expertise with SONET/SDH products, 
companies can serve new customers without having to invest years in 
development of this very complex technology.

KSA licenses include proprietary circuitry and firmware.  KSA also 
offers associated custom product development and system engineering 
services.  KSA has a staff of more than 100, including engineers 
specializing in today's "building block" technologies such as 
SONET/SDH, ATM, xDSL, fiber optics, MPEG and PCI.  In addition to 
SONET/SDH, KSA has ATM, MPEG-2, PCI and CompactPCI hot swap solutions
available for license.  KSA's clients include industry leaders such 
as AT&T, Lucent, Nortel, Alcatel, Cisco Systems, Bay Networks, 3COM,
Scientific-Atlanta, PictureTel, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq and Motorola.

Contact: Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc., 1841 Commonwealth Ave., 
Newton, MA 02166 - (617)527-2000 - - 

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