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opcodes port

I'm following the instructions in section 5.5 of the cgen manual regarding an 
opcodes port and have a couple questions:

i) step 7. says to repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 until the output looks reasonable.  
What is the definition of "reasonable" output?

ii) how do I get Guile to actually output and write the generated files to 
disk?  I.e. when I run (cgen-desc.h) I get a nice header file listing, but 
it's not saved anywhere.  Should I just cut-and-paste, or is there some 
Guile/scheme command to redirect output?  I'm assuming that the makefiles in 
binutils are responsible for running cgen and generating the appropriate 
files, but I'm unclear as to how to configure them to point to the directory 
in which I have cgen installed and, furthermore, how to actually have the 
makefile autogenerate the files for my new architecture...

iii) the opcode-port directions say nothing about how to configure binutils.  
Simply going to a "clean" opcodes directory and editing is 
clearly not enough to allow you to run a successful 'make dep' (as no 
makefile actually exists until 'configure' is run from the parent directory).  
Doesn't the configure script need to be modified also?  What about

iv) and because my understanding of binutils is rather vague...  what will 
running make dep in /opcodes actually produce for me?  what do I need to do 
with the resultant files?

Overall, I'm getting a handle on how to write a .cpu file, but I'm still 
virtually clueless when it comes to using it in conjunction with binutils to 
produce an assembler...

Dave Carney

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