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Re: What CGEN-based tools are provided now?

Hi -

On Mon, Oct 07, 2002 at 12:32:22PM +0000,   wrote:
> What tools based on CGEN are provided now? I have tried SID but I found at 
> last that maybe it's not useful on my work. Are there any more tools based 
> on CGEN? 

Take some time to look over the opcodes/ part of binutils.  That's the
area where CGEN-generated assembler/disassembler kernels are put.  The
CGEN modules that do that work are all already in the cgen/*.scm files.

> [...]
> Now my work is to find a way to simulator new CPUs.I have tried SID, but 
> seems to add a new CPU in it  is too hard for me:firstly, it needs to 
> modify some files which is machine-generated, 

No, machine-generated files should be left alone. 

> secondly, before the 
> simulation, I need a toolchain to generate the .x file [...]
> it means to a lot of work!

It is not a simulator's job to create the executables you want to run
on it.  You need a toolchain, one way or another.  CGEN can help generate
the kernels of various associated tools, but there is still a considerable
amount of work involved in porting, say, gcc, gdb, and even the more minor

- FChE

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