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What CGEN-based tools are provided now?


What tools based on CGEN are provided now? I have tried SID but I found at last that maybe it's not useful on my work. Are there any more tools based on CGEN?
I see in CGEN's introduction, it provide a uniform framework and toolkit for writing assemblers, disassemblers and simulators. I didn'd find any document on how to write such tools based on CGEN, so it must be some tools which has been written by GNU,I guess. What r them? Where can I get them?

Now my work is to find a way to simulator new CPUs.I have tried SID, but seems to add a new CPU in it is too hard for me:firstly, it needs to modify some files which is machine-generated, secondly, before the simulation, I need a toolchain to generate the .x file--for arm maybe it's nothing but a piece of cake ,but for a new CPU, it means to a lot of work!

There by, I must try another way.Are there any other CGEN-based simulator provided by GNU now? Or how to write simulator based on CGEN myself?

Thanks for ur help!

Dam wang

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