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bzip2 1.0.8 released

We are happy to announce the release of bzip2 1.0.8.

This is an fixup release because the CVE-2019-12900 fix
in bzip2 1.0.7 was too strict and might have prevented
decompression of some files that earlier bzip2 versions
could decompress. And it contains a few more patches from
various distros and forks.

bzip2 1.0.8 contains the following fixes:

* Accept as many selectors as the file format allows.
  This relaxes the fix for CVE-2019-12900 from 1.0.7
  so that bzip2 allows decompression of bz2 files that
  use (too) many selectors again.

* Fix handling of large (> 4GB) files on Windows.

* Cleanup of bzdiff and bzgrep scripts so they don't use
  any bash extensions and handle multiple archives correctly.

* There is now a bz2-files testsuite at

Patches by Joshua Watt, Mark Wielaard, Phil Ross, Vincent Lefevre,
Led and Kristýna Streitová.

This release also finalizes the move of bzip2 to a community
maintained project at https://sourceware.org/bzip2/

- Git repository:
- Public (developer) mailinglist:
  To subscribe to the bzip2 development list send email to
  You do not have to be subscribed to sent messages to the list.
- Mailinglist archive:
- Bug tracker:
- Documentation:
- Latest and historical downloads
- Extended testsuite

Thanks to Bhargava Shastry bzip2 is now also part of oss-fuzz
to catch fuzzing issues early and (hopefully not) often.