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[PATCH] bzip2recover: Fix buffer overflow for large argv[0].


bzip2 lost its domain and got a new home at https://sourceware.org/bzip2/
It also didn't see a release for a very long time. Causing various patches
used by distros to not have been integrated upstream. We are trying to
collect them all and do a new release.

The following patch comes from Fedora.
Please let us know if we missed some others.



bzip2recover.c (main) copies argv[0] to a statically sized buffer
without checking whether argv[0] might be too big (> 2000 chars).

This patch comes from Fedora and was originally reported at
 bzip2recover.c | 3 ++-
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/bzip2recover.c b/bzip2recover.c
index 06ac1f5..1a70e04 100644
--- a/bzip2recover.c
+++ b/bzip2recover.c
@@ -309,7 +309,8 @@ Int32 main ( Int32 argc, Char** argv )
    UInt32      buffHi, buffLo, blockCRC;
    Char*       p;
-   strcpy ( progName, argv[0] );
+   strncpy ( progName, argv[0], BZ_MAX_FILENAME-1);
+   progName[BZ_MAX_FILENAME-1]='\0';
    inFileName[0] = outFileName[0] = 0;
    fprintf ( stderr,