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Re: V3 [PATCH 4/4] i386: Add tests for -malign-branch-boundary and -malign-branch

On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 10:34 AM Alan Modra <> wrote:
> i686-pc-elf  +FAIL: ld-i386/align-branch-1
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1a
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1b
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1c
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1d
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1e
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1f
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1g
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1h
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-1i
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/align-branch-5
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1a
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1b
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1c
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1d
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1e
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1f
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1g
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1h
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-1i
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-2a
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-2b
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-2c
> i386-darwin  +FAIL: gas/i386/x86-64-align-branch-5
> --
> Alan Modra
> Australia Development Lab, IBM

I'll take a look.


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